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Power of Attorner from Gilshot Thomas, Jr. to Alexander Newman

21 July 1791 or 1792
Know all men by these presents that ?Gilshot
Thomas of the State of Georgia in the County of Burke ..
For Divers good causes and Sundry Considerations me hereunto ???
ing having made, ordained, constituted and appointed and by these
Presents for make, ordain, constitute, and appoint my true and trusty
Friend Alexander Newman of the State and County aforesaid my
Lawful attorney, for me and in my name and to my use to ask, ?
Demand, Recover, and Receive of and from any person in whom ?
The Estate now is, in the State of Delaware in Newcastle County and
The lands, tenements, and every other property formerly belong
Ing to John Thomas of said State and County aforesaid Deceased
Giving And by these presents granting to my said attorney .my sole.
Sole power and authority to take, persue, and follow, all such
legal courses, for the Recovery, Receiving, and Obtaining of the same?
as I my self might or could do were I personally present and upon?
the Receipt of the Same, acquit(t)ances, and other sufficient Discharges
for me and in my name to make, sign, seal and deliver; as also one ?
or more attorney or a attorneys under him to substitute or appoint?
and again, at his Pleasure to Revoke, and further to Do perform, and...
Execute for me, and in my name, all and Singular thing or things which shall ?
which shall or may be necessary, touching and concerning the premises
as fully thoroughly, and entirely as I the said Gilshot Thomas in my ?
own person, ought or could do in and about the same ratifying alow-?
ing, and confirming, whatsoever my said attorney shall lawfully do,
or cause to be done in and about the Execution promises by?
virtue of these presents, in witness whereof I have ?set
Hand and affixed my Seal this Twenty first day of June??
Of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and ninety two??
Sixteenth year of American Independency

Sign Sealed and
Delivered in Presence
Of us\tab\tab\tab\tab\tab\tab\tab Gilshot Thomas

John Buford
Thom Burton J.P.

Georgia Divisions of Archives and History - Manuscripts: AC 71-179

Larry's Notes: The original is severely water damaged and much is unreadable. By comparing two or more of these, I have guessed as to what some of the missing information is. On this particular one, by comparing Mary's which is dated 12 November 1792 and the 17th year of Independence, I can safely assume that this is 21 June 1792 to make it the 16th year of Independence. 4 July 1792, would have started the 17th year.

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