Gilshot THOMAS, Jr

Male Abt 1754 - 1809  (~ 55 years)


The case of the two Gilshots

Which Gilshot is which? Gilshot Sr and Gilshot Jr

Since we now have conclusive evidence that there was a Gilshot Sr and a Gilshot Jr, but there are no documents where the names are attributed as such, it creates a dilemma in determining which Gilshot is being referenced. We know for a fact that Mary Thomas was the oldest and pretty confident Gilshot Jr was born in Anson County, NC (now near Lockhart, SC) which would be early 1750s. That means we can have some assurance that any legal documents prior to the late 1760s probably does not apply to Gilshot Jr. The only exception is that supposedly, land grants could be made in the name of a male child at least xx years of age. I do not remember what the age was.

This being said, we have documentation of Gilshot Thomas Sr refusing jury duty in 1775, Sr. or Jr.? We have a Gilshot Thomas selling a slave in Winton County, SC (just across the Savannah River) in 1788, Sr. or Jr.? We have a Gilshot Thomas being sued in Winton County, also in 1788, Sr. or Jr.?

A lot will depend on whether or not Gilshot Sr moved back to Delaware as I believe and if so, when did he move?

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