Georgia, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Martha C  Oct 1837Georgia, United States I4733
2 AKERS, Amos Nathaniel  6 Apr 1850Georgia, United States I1626
3 AKERS, Joseph J.  27 May 1876Georgia, United States I1593
4 AKERS, Samuel H. Jr.  18 Jun 1855Georgia, United States I1627
5 AKERS, Sarah Elizabeth  29 Sep 1842Georgia, United States I1628
6 AKERS, Thomas J.  15 Apr 1848Georgia, United States I1625
7 AKERS, William R.  1 Jan 1862Georgia, United States I1633
8 ANDREWS, James T.  1877Georgia, United States I0317
9 BISHOP, Alma Lucille  7 Oct 1920Georgia, United States I2562
10 CARTER, Elijah W.  1849Georgia, United States I4641
11 CASON, David  1813Georgia, United States I0285
12 CHAMBERS, Emma T.  5 Oct 1866Georgia, United States I1450
13 CHAMBERS, Ransome F.  Apr 1838Georgia, United States I4732
14 COLEMAN, Nona Lee  1 Aug 1900Georgia, United States I0014
15 CRIBBS, Benjamin Franklin  19 Mar 1940Georgia, United States I2592
16 CRIBBS, Betty Lou  2 Oct 1935Georgia, United States I2591
17 CRIBBS, Bobby Jean  20 Feb 1934Georgia, United States I2618
18 CRIBBS, Thomas Edward  23 Oct 1931Georgia, United States I2590
19 CRUTCHFIELD, Mrs. Mrs. Keathy 'Tressy' Jane Bexley  1880Georgia, United States I0588
20 DOWLING, Martha  1826Georgia, United States I0643
21 EASON, Emmazella  20 Oct 1881Georgia, United States I2527
22 EVANS, Lourana  Abt 1811Georgia, United States I2219
23 GUY, Tobitha  1852Georgia, United States I0716
24 HOLLAND, Elizabeth  Abt 1804Georgia, United States I4995
25 HOLLAND, James N.  1840Georgia, United States I5000
26 HOLLAND, Lindsey M.  1842Georgia, United States I5001
27 HOLLAND, Margaret  1830Georgia, United States I4996
28 HOLLAND, Nancy M.  1832Georgia, United States I4997
29 HOLLAND, Nercissas  1836Georgia, United States I4999
30 HOLLAND, Sarah C.  1834Georgia, United States I4998
31 JORDAN, John Samuel  14 Feb 1791Georgia, United States I2141
32 MIXON, Amelia  1772Georgia, United States I0996
33 MURRAY, Joseph Roscoe  23 Sep 1921Georgia, United States I2556
34 MURRAY, Leamon Lee  22 Sep 1915Georgia, United States I2549
35 MURRAY, Lula Mae  22 Aug 1918Georgia, United States I2558
36 MURRAY, Russell Lowell  10 Apr 1913Georgia, United States I2555
37 MURRAY, Vernon Dolphin  5 Jan 1925Georgia, United States I2557
38 NETTLES, George W  1856Georgia, United States I0771
39 NETTLES, James F  1859Georgia, United States I0770
40 NETTLES, Martin D  1861Georgia, United States I2293
41 REESE, Lillie  1881Georgia, United States I1555
42 REESE, Luraine ''Lizzy" Elizabeth  20 Oct 1875Georgia, United States I0168
43 REESE, Mamie L  Apr 1884Georgia, United States I1553
44 REESE, William  Abt 1812Georgia, United States I1479
45 REESE, William Franklin  1878Georgia, United States I1551
46 RIGGINS, Mary  1838Georgia, United States I0671
47 STEDHAM, WIlliam Anderson Addison  Georgia, United States I1880
48 STREET, Elivira Margaret Olive  Georgia, United States I1881
49 THOMAS, Allie Mae  31 Mar 1905Georgia, United States I2529
50 THOMAS, Banner C Jr.  1813Georgia, United States I0614

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AKERS, John  3 Sep 1849Georgia, United States I1908
2 BROWN, Sarah  23 Jul 1861Georgia, United States I1901
3 EASON, Emmazella  25 Oct 1958Georgia, United States I2527
4 GUY, Hester  10 Mar 1900Georgia, United States I0712
5 PETTY, Aaron Jackson  29 Nov 1938Georgia, United States I1030
6 SHEFFIELD, Louis Richard Jr.  12 May 2002Georgia, United States I4566
7 THOMAS, Allie Mae  18 Oct 1979Georgia, United States I2529
8 THOMAS, Carroll Kenneth Sr.  12 Jul 1997Georgia, United States I2582
9 THOMAS, Celia  4 Feb 1973Georgia, United States I2530
10 THOMAS, Christine Mae  5 Feb 2000Georgia, United States I2990
11 THOMAS, Marguerite Norma  25 Aug 2003Georgia, United States I3819
12 TYRE, Jerry  25 Jul 1988Georgia, United States I2887
13 TYRE, Ruby  31 Jan 2003Georgia, United States I2888


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GRIFFIS / MURRAY  27 Aug 1941Georgia, United States F0958
2 MURRAY / THORNTON  18 Dec 1932Georgia, United States F0951
3 THOMAS / SPENCE  16 Mar 1883Georgia, United States F0390
4 THOMAS / WASDIN  1866Georgia, United States F0945
5 WASDIN / THOMAS  12 Sep 1936Georgia, United States F0930