News In memory of Iris Deborah Thomas Anton Smith who passed away 24 Aug 2010 in Brevard, NC. She was anxious for me to merge her gen file with mine and up on the web. Unfortunately, the Lord had other plans.
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My Great Grandparents, Amanda Carter Thomas & General Jackson Thomas/
My Grandparents Viola Livingston Thomas and Josephy Henry Thomas

Welcome to my genealogy website. Of course I cheated a little bit and bought The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding tool which makes it a lot easier. I will attempt to break this into 4 trees, Thomas, Akers, Meeneghan and Arnold families. I have some work to do, but I enjoy doing it. I will grant permission to some contributors (once I figure out how) which allow viewing information on living persons, but I will never knowingly allow such information to become available to the public.

I am a stickler for verifiable information on persons, events, etc. that I enter. If the information cannot be verified through some kind of legal document, newspaper article etc. and it concerns ancestors, then I may choose not to add it or I may add it with a caveat that no empirical evidence is available at this time to substantiate the information. You may ask why I make such a drastic sounding requirement; it is because as I have conducted my research on the Thomas and Akers families, I have found that many of the tales told down through the ages just simply are not true, others may or may not be true. Take for instance the fact that most websites say Gilshot Thomas served with his son James in the SC Militia during the Revolutionary War. I proved the existence of a Gilshot Jr who is older than James by at least 15 years, so, was it father-son or brothers serving? That has yet to be proven.

Anyway, I hope you like the website.

Larry W. Thomas
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